︎ 2021 Gift Guide ︎

IT’S BACK! This year, the annual coolstuff.nyc ~gift guide~ will give you a helping hand for those friends with...specific taste. Whether you’re shopping or a homebody or a Manhattan socialite, hop over to our website to see the best things to buy from local NYC businesses.

For the Brooklyn Chef

Dusen Dusen Everybody Kitchen Timer

The kitchen accessory that every home cook is lusting over rn.

The Sounds So Good Cookbook by Carla Lali Music

Where 90% of our meals come from these days!

Fredricks & Mae Confetti Cutting Board

The famous cutting board! If you don’t know about it, now you do.

For the Manhattan Socialite

Susan Alexandra Bag Charms 

They’ve probably already got the perfect bag, why not help them accessorize it?

Dante Cosmopolitan Candle

For those nights when the bank account prohibits a night out...help your friend to pretend they’re at everyone’s favorite place to sip a negroni.

Pack of Ruby Hibiscus Water

A perfect beverage to recharge while they’re power walking between drinks at Clandestino and dinner at Gem.

For the Artsy Friend

MoMA Annual Membership

Museum hopping is always a healthy habit to support.

Public Records Record Slip Mat

Okay so there’s a high change your artsy friend is a “”DJ”” too...help them live that fantasy to the fullest!

Vintage Art Book from Sweet Pickle Books

The artsy friend probably already has the exhibit book from the recent Judd show, why not find them something special and rare in the wonderful vintage art book section of Sweet Pickle Books?

For the Zizmorcore Friend

Zabar’s Shopping Bag T-Shirt

Honestly...peak graphic design! And at under $10 you might as well get one for yourself too.

NY-themed Merch from Leisure Center

Okay so maybe they’ve gone a little down the NYC merch deep end...swing by Leisure Center in the LES for something vintage and rare that still expresses NYC to its fullest.

Greek Ceramic Coffee Cup

The cup you always wished you could have at home, and not just from the deli. Snag this for your eco-conscious pal so they can reuse it on the next coffee run!

For the Homebody

Variety Coffee Variety Pack

Variety Variety pack! What’s better than that?!

Recreation Center Coffee Mug

The best mug to cozy up with by NYC’s favorite funky ceramicist.

Astier de Villatte Tuscon Incense 

Order your friend a pack of incense that doesn’t smell like ✌️ incense 🍄 from The Primary Essentials - a beautiful store in Boerum Hill

For the Plant Parent

Plant Propagation Vase

It’s always a conundrum wondering where to put your latest plant clipping…this propagation vase makes it easier.

Little Shop of Soil Pot

Who doesn’t love a new planter to house the clippings that are now ready for fresh soil?!

Plant Mister

Some plants just need mist.

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