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24 Hours in NYC with Ballet Season

August 6, 2021

Lauren Alice McCurry is the founder of Ballet Season, a creative company building brand essentials for good people. Like many others, COVID-19 meant Lauren’s NYC dreams were cut agonizingly short and she spends her days in her hometown of Melbourne dreaming of her next visit and missing her Issey Miyake collection that is currently in storage in Queens. Here are all the things she would eat, drink, shop, and do if she was in NYC this weekend.



Tofu Kielbasa

The most decadent one-handed lunch. I take it in a bun with onions, mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut and add spice level 3


Kale Caesar

Salty, crunchy, and super filling. I add ***at least*** 8 extra pumps of the creamy dressing


The Bowery

The world’s best breakfast sandwich served with turmeric tofu egg, tempeh bacon, and a violife provolone slice on a fresh roll with chili mayo. It stops your hands from freezing if you hug it close, too


Al Pastor Squash Blossom Tacos

Public do the best vegan food – and this dish is the perfect appetizer to an evening of dancing in the back bar

Photo via Dezeen


Dimes Deli

White Smoothie

Downtown’s chicest, creamiest smoothie — made with banana, fennel, coconut milk, rice bran, cinnamon, and cardamom. Fills me up for at least 4-hours even though I sip it down in less than a minute

Ace Hotel Lobby 

Fancy Mocktail

My favorite place to spend time alone people-watching (and listening!) in the city, usually sipping something off-menu and deliciously botanical with elderflower or orange blossom. This is also where I first heard my friend Rahill DJ and 9-months later I had moved across the world  to live in her Chinatown apartment

Sugar Cane Daddy  Chinatown

Fresh Sugarcane Juice

I cry every second day in NYC, either from exhaustion or happiness (often both), and find this drink brings my hydration and electrolytes levels back to a manageable level. I take it half-n-half with coconut water. The freshest sip in the city IMHO 


Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang is my favorite designer and I’m desperate to see her new store on Orchard designed by Almost Studio. Polished concrete and pink frills. The dream.

Karma Bookstore
East Village

A bookstore as an art gallery, or reversed. This is my most trusted destination of important cultural relics. No skips in this store, ever.

Coming Soon

Whenever I go into Coming Soon, I depart feeling more desperate to make nice stuff or to contribute more robustly to the world of aesthetically pleasing opulence. It’s one of my favorite feelings. I love this store, everything it stands for, and its rose-tinted glass pipes so much.


New Museum

After spending the last 12-month living off I just want to be there IRL. I find this one of Manhattan’s more confrontational gallery experiences because my brain always breaks a sweat. I love it.


Can you tell I’m missing NYC if I actually wish I could do my laundry? I went to this place just off East Broadway and I cherished my time there sitting amongst all the graceful chaos watching people. The owners were super lovely and made me feel warm and welcome, which I never took for granted while living alone in the city.

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