Best Bakeries in NYC

April 8, 2022

One of the greatest luxuries about Spring in NYC is grabbing a fantastic baked good, heading to the nearest park, and enjoying it in the sunshine while a good playlist streams through your headphones. We figured we could help with the first part SO here are all of our favorite bakeries throughout the city. ︎

Hungarian Pastry Shop Upper West Side

What to order: a Hungarian coffee & an apple strudel

Upper East Side
(& ur local farmer’s market!)

What to order: a bag of ciabatta for sammies


What to order: the chocolate croissant

Daily Provisions
Union Square

What to order: a b&w cookie & a cruller

La Cabra
East Village

What to order: a cardamom bun and country loaf for the week

Balthazar Bakery

What to order: croissants! monkey bread!


What to order: a half sourdough loaf (& another cardamom bun)

Frenchette Bakery

What to order: anything but especially the choco chip cookie

Lower East Side

What to order: the molasses cookie!

Colson Patisserie 
Park Slope

What to order: the cheddar chive biscuit

Park Slope

What to order: a baguette

Runner & Stone

What to order: a hearty loaf

Bien Cuit
Cobble Hill

What to order: (just walking by & smelling this place will want to make you try everything) order a tart, loaf, croissant WHATEVER

Court Pastry Shop
Carroll Gardens

What to order: a mixed box of Italian cookies

Roberta’s Bakery

What to order: bread knots & pepperoni rolls!

Win Son Bakery
East Williamsburg

What to order: the pork fan tuan — TRUST US! IT IS MAYBE THE BEST THING ON THIS LIST!

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