Best Diners in NYC

February 4, 2022

It’s truly no secret that we love diners & all they have to offer with their big booths, extensive menus & NYC charm. (Who remembers our Diner Reviews on old newsletters?) We decided there needed to be a spot for all the best diners in the city to live so that you can go out and find your perfect BLT. Enjoy, try them all, & let us know which live up to the hype.

EJ’s Luncheonette

UES, Manhattan

For: our absolute favorite BLT in the city, and diner coffee that is just burnt enough.

Tom’s Restaurant

Prospect Heights, BK

For: delicious sausage, and pancakes served with an array of flavored butters

Terrace Restaurant

Park Slope, BK

For: the Park Slope standby - you can order just about any food imaginable and it will be great. We especially love their underrated Mexican dishes.

Mike’s Coffee Shop

Clinton Hill, BK

For: A classic diner breakfast of over-easy eggs and bacon served to you by the same man who opened up the spot back in the day.

Champs Diner

East Williamsburg, BK

For: A diner for the vegan in your life - yes! This exists!

Nectar Diner

UES, Manhattan

For: An egg cream and french fries on your way to or from The Met.

Court Square Diner

LIC, Queens

For: a movie-ready diner with great service and even better vibes. Like a lot of the places on this list, our go-to order here is going to be a BLT or Turkey Club.

Golden Diner

Two Bridges, Manhattan

For:  Diner classics with an Asian twist – think a bacon egg and cheese served on a sesame-scallion milk bun.

La Bonbonniere

West Village, Manhattan

For: a ca$h only diner with all the brekkie classics.

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