Best Places to Watch This Year’s 4th of July Fireworks in NYC

July 2, 2021 is it almost the 4th of July? Wasn’t it just Spring? Time warp aside, we’ve got a few hot recs for the hottest (literally) holiday. Read on to check out the best spots to watch loud &&& twinkly lights above the East River.

The Williamsburg Bridge
Before you say anything, YES we know that the fireworks are usually lit at the base of the Brooklyn bridge BUT this year the Williamsburg Bridge will have one of the best views. It’s super pedestrian friendly, and is hopefully less crowded than we think it might be. If you’re really good at planning, you could try to put yourself on a Manhattan-bound M train that emerges onto the bridge around 9:30.

Williamsburg Bridge

The River Café
Are you looking to drop $$$$ on a fine meal while the rest of us sweat it out shoulder to shoulder? Try to snag a last-minute cancelation at the critically acclaimed River Café right below the Brooklyn Bridge. For bonus points, it would be very chic to go here and completely ignore the fireworks behind you.
Dining room views at the River Café

Long Island City Waterfront
You probably already know from our LIC guide written by the esteemed Heather Beck, BUT Long Island City has a HUGE waterfront that will have spectacular boom boom views this year.

Hunter’s Point in LIC

Transmitter Park
Our favorite park in Greenpoint, and almost all of the city, Transmitter Park will be a very chill place to watch the fireworks this year. Don’t blow this spot up too much...we’ll see you there ;-)
The grassy lawn in Transmitter Park

Your Friend’s Roof

We’ve all got that one friend with an AMAZING rooftop view, and while it’s usually like, a little depressing when you think about your lack of any outdoor space save for a sketchy fire escape...this is the time to invite yourself over!

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