Best Places to WFH That Isn’t Home


It’s getting warmer, the birds are chirping, and Summer feels like it’s creeping up on us… all of which makes it much harder to work from home. If you WFH, and feel the urge to be out in the great outdoors like we do, check out this list of our favorite spots in the city to WFH (not from home). We’re talking spots where you can park it for a few hours to work your 9-5, your freelance gigs, or whatever. All outdoor spots because it’s Spring!

Milk Bar
Park Slope, Brooklyn

A big, distanced front patio with outlets and the best Chai Latte in the neighborhood.

Little Canal
Dimes Square, Manhattan

A few streetside tables, very good coffee, and easy access to the Drunken Canal newspaper box.

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Lots of outdoor seating, plenty of vegan treats, and possibly outlets

Petite Paulette
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

Heated, very distanced seating and delicious house-made French pastries. Oh...also they sell Natural Wine.

Ralph’s Coffee 
Upper East Side, Manhattan

Pinky’s-up architecture, umbrellas so you can pretend you’re by the pool, and easy access to Central Park.

The Elk
West Village, Manhattan

Right by the Hudson for a jaunt after your caffeine and breakfast sandwich feuled work session.
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

A few seats out front, a heater for the cold days, and a zero-waste mission we can fully get behind.

SoHo, Manhattan

Nicely sized backyard, beautiful ~vibes~

Cafe Alula
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Covered back patio, STRONG iced coffee, and healthy food that won’t make you crash.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Small backyard with a few benches and stools, tons of floral arrangements to buy yourself after a hard day’s work.

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