Best Restaurants for a Group 

March 24, 2023

One of the questions we get most often from friends & readers is “Where can I host a birthday dinner with 8 of my bffs” we decided to answer this burning Q with this very special Best Of article! ︎

Wu’s Wonton King Chinatown, Manhattan

Guests: Around 9

For: a fun, BYOB meal in a classic Chinatown establishment all served up on a lazy susan table. The entire menu is perfect, but the aromatic garlic chicken is a MUST.

Gowanus, Brooklyn

Guests: karaoke for 11-20 guests & private events for 12+ & reservations for up to 11 guests

For: a Korean BBQ spot that doubles as after dinner karaoke. How cool is Insa? They have their own custom Soju.

Antonucci Cafe
Upper East Side, Manhattan

Guests: around 12 with pushed-together 2-tops!

For: an old school lunch with 11 of your closest pals in a pink filled room. Bonus points: Madonna (allegedly) lives next door.

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Guests: up to 9 with a reservation & 10+ with an email

For: iconic Bushwick ‘za with a patio fit for a group. If you want to keep the party going after dinner, there are tons of great watering holes around, including The Johnsons and their famous $2 beers.

MáLà Project
East Village, Manhattan

Guests: around 5

For: hot pot, smaller group - around 5, contact for large party 6+. Even though this might ~technically~ be an average group size, the food is infinitely shareable and is well worth a shot!

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Guests: as many as you can fit around a few pushed-together tables (come early for this no-reservation space!)

For: a casual space & reasonably priced Mediterranean staples in Dimes Square. Order a few communal liters of wine (served in traditional Greek carafes) and keep the dips coming!

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Guests: 8-16 guests

For: sammies, salads and pastries for your next brunch party.

Fanelli Cafe
Soho, Manhattan

Guests: around 12 guests in the reservation-only back-room

For: burgers and martinis in a downtown establishment. This place is so accommodating that (true story) we once showed up on a beautiful Friday night in spring with a group of 12 and were seated outside in less than twenty minutes.

Photo: Cesar Vera
Cherry on Top
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Guests: 6-ish guest for a casual roof hang & inquire about private parties

For: natural wine & small plates with your besties! If you’ve got a loud friend in the group (we all do) you can even take advantage of the rooftop ;-)

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