Best Zero Waste Shops in NYC

April 21, 2023 • Guest Contributor: Zibby T-W of Sustainable Baddie 

All over New York, amazing local low-waste stores are helping us limit our waste and opt for reusable swaps for our day-to-day needs. If you are looking to make your shopping routine more sustainable, check out this guide to our fave low-waste and sustainable marketplaces all over the city. ︎

Bushwick, Brooklyn, ; Ridgewood, Queens; LES, Manhattan

For: your household cleaning products, self-care products, and essential groceries. Come prepared with your own jars and bottles to fill up on bulk food like granola, pasta, honey, and bulk cleaning supplies like dish soap and laundry detergent. You can even pick your own eggs and get local baked goods throughout the week too!

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

For: a sustainable approach to coffee. IXV has a robust reusable coffee cup subscription program and encourages green living all around. In addition to great coffee, teas, and snacks, you can shop re-worked clothes (the owner, Jenny was fashion designer in a past life) and waste free essentials like packageless deodorant. 

Maison Jar
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

For:  local, low-waste products that cover pretty much all of your needs. At Maison Jar, you can find your classic selection of zero-waste products and items in their “refillery”, and their grocery section is filled with local produce, pantry goods, and extra treats from farms and small businesses in the NY area. They also offer in-person workshops for developing sustainable habits!

A Sustainable Village
East Village, Manhattan

For: household and personal care sustainable swaps and low-waste gifts. A Sustainable Village has great zero-waste replacements for things like shampoo, lotion, deodorant, and household items like low-waste kitchen scrubbers, and stain removers. They carry a variety of gift boxes that would make the perfect surprise for the sustainable baddie in your life.

Earth & Me
Astoria, Queens

For: eco-friendly essentials and local artisan-made goods. With two locations in Queens (and offering delivery to Brooklyn and Manhattan, too!), this cute shop carries a variety of zero-waste products, and they prioritize stocking items that are affordable and handmade. Earth & Me is also committed to giving back to their community by organizing circular programs and educational opportunities to promote a holistic sustainable lifestyle.

PS - Earth & Me is taking over the Park Slope refillery formerly known as La Nature beginning in Mid May!

4th Street Food Co-Op
East Village, Manhattan

For: local groceries and local products. The Co-Op is open to the public and is a great place for anyone to buy dry goods and pantry essentials in bulk as well as get low-waste produce from their selection of local growers. You can also get a variety of home and personal care items in their bulk section and shop from low-waste brands like Renewal Mills.

Good Bottle Refill Shop Maplewood New Jersey with delivery to NYC

For: stocking up on your refillables from household essentials to bulk food and more. The Good Bottle Refill shop also has a Good Bottle Loop program for those who opt for shopping online; you can leave them your used bottles and they will buy them back from you to close that loop. Think of it like a modern-day milkman situation (though milkmen still exist).

Grow NYC Green Markets 
Every Borough

For: Buying seasonal and local food including produce, baked goods, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and so much more. Grow NYC, while not your traditional low-waste market, is a go-to spot for shopping sustainably. You might have to be proactive by bringing your own produce and shopping bags, but buying from the massive local selection of goods will always be a sustainable way to shop.

Mast Market
Upper West Side, Manhattan

For: sustainable shopping with a side of coffee and tea. Mast Market is an organic pantry marketplace with locations in the Upper West Side as well as in Westchester, New York. The market is a great place to go for a coffee and a homemade pastry before shopping their selection of local and organic pantry items. They make a variety of their own pantry products like flour, nut butter, grains, sugar, and more that you can purchase in bulk.

Local Roots
Carroll Gardens, Chelsea, and Midtown

For: Low-waste produce and food products and farm-to-kitchen subscription offerings. Local Roots is a regenerative food system in New York that is committed to connecting city dwellers back to local farms by providing access to great local produce and food. At their marketplace, you can shop from local vendors (and eat dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients at their cafe), or you can sign up for their Harvest Club program for regular deliveries of low-waste local food.

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