How to Throw a Pizza Dinner Party
at Home!

With our friends at Ipsa, Graza, and Big Night • September 30, 2022

OMG OMG OMG We’ve partnered with our friends at Ipsa, Big Night, and Graza for our newest guide: How to Throw a Pizza Dinner Party at Home! Ipsa's new frozen, small-batch pizzas by Pies Upstairs make it a cinch to feed your guests with a delicious, crowd-pleasing meal, leaving you with time to focus on all the extras -- music, table setting, and your own special touches.

Step One


One of the easiest ways to elevate a Pizza dinner party at home is to bring out your best servingware. Gone are the days of a slice on a paper plate! Our friends at coolstuff fave Big Night are experts in all the coolest partyware for your New York-sized table top…even if you’re shopping only a few hours ahead of your guests’ arrival.

Step Two


There's a time and a place for making a lot of sides...but when you’re throwing a pizza party, snacks are a great way to add to the meal without adding effort. We like to stick to Italian nibbles like olives, cured meats, or taralli crackers. If tinned fish are your thing, those are great too, and can also double as extra toppings! As always, don’t forget the wine — ask your local shop for their favorite red that tastes good with a chill on it. Something light in body and high in acid stands up well to great ‘za.

Step Three


This one may seem obvious but it’s often forgotten! Light some candles (like Big Night’s Dinner Party Candle), put on chill music. For a pizza party we recommend finding a Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald greatest hits record — a Spotify playlist will work in a pinch.

Step Four


Hot! Food! Is! KEY! Luckily, because the Ipsa x Pies Upstairs pies only take 6-8 minutes to cook from frozen, it’s an easy one to accomplish. Don’t even think about putting that pizza in the oven until everyone is a glass into the wine, and there are more pits than olives. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Step Five


Once the pizza comes out of the oven, and just before slicing, it’s time to ELEVATE! Drizzle some high quality Graza Olive Oil over top and garnish with freshly grated parm. If you’re got fresh basil, now is the time to scatter it over the pie. This step will really impress your friends.

Step Six


Everyone could always use another slice. Right before you sit down to enjoy that first pie with your guests, pop another one into the oven (this is why Ipsa pies always ship with two.) Just don’t forget to set a timer…

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