Vol. 10 — May 8, 2020


This week we’re sharing nostalgic sounds to listen to if you’re missing the city, a way to support New York bartenders, and are introducing you to a new cool friend: Ioana Hercberg of our beloved neighborhood cafe, La Cantine.



The New York Public Library staff has created an album dedicated to New York and the people who inhabit it every day. Missing Sounds of New York: An Auditory Love Letter to New York features familiar noises like the streets at rush hour or a crowded city park. Read more about the project and play their love letter album. It’s sure to ignite F~E~E~L~S.


A group of bartenders based in NYC are running a cocktail delivery service under a group called Quarantine Cocktail Club. Go here to fill out a delivery request listing what borough you’re located in and you will have your pick off of a list of cocktails. We ordered a cosmo and a negroni :) PS- We’re not 100% sure how legal this is so don’t tell the cops. Follow them along here!


Mexico City has long been on our travel list, mainly to visit the colorful and art-filled home of Frida Khalo. Luckily, The Frida Khalo museum has decided to open up the doors to the artist’s famous home virtually with a 360-degree tour. The home holds things like original furniture, personal possessions, and lots of original art. Explore the space here!


The Work Trucks of NYC zine (designed and printed by one of our co-founders) features work trucks spotted around NYC. It launches today in an edition of 15! Snag a copy of the zine here :)


Ioana Hercberg of La Cantine

Meet Ioana, owner of our favorite neighborhood cafe, La Cantine. If you’re quarantined in Bushwick like us, La Cantine just re-opened for takeout! Grab a coffee and a chicken cutlet sandwich and put it on your favorite plate :-)

What inspired you to open La Cantine?

I grew up with food, my mum cooked for us every night even though she had a full-time job, and I started helping her at a very young age. She gave me a love for food. I also had two amazing grandmas, the best cooks ever! One in Spain and one in France. I used to hang out with them in the kitchen and just watch them cook. I’ve been cooking since then. I love food, discovering new cuisines, new places, and new recipes. I’ve been hosting dinner parties with friends my whole adult life and even though my career took a different path for a while so I could save money, I always knew I wanted to eventually run my own business where I could host and serve friends and a community!

What is inspiring you right now?

Honestly, I find these very unprecedented times quite inspiring- seeing the respect and willingness (most) people have staying home, social distancing, helping their neighbor, their community, seeing the hard work of all social workers and volunteers here but also around the world. It made me want to get back on my feet and figure out a new and safer way to keep my business alive and give the community a sense of normality and a little joy.

What’s your favorite part about the NYC creative community?

It’s never stopping, it’s always moving and changing and challenging. People are coming from all around the world and sharing this big city, bringing in their own culture and voice. I find it all so motivating. There are no walls between industries, food works with art and music and it creates the best collaboration, spaces, and stories. I love it!

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DINER REVIEW (Guest reviewer: Sara Wynn)

Lexington Candy Shop

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Sara’s Rating: 4.7 of 5

When to Go: A Sunday afternoon

What to order: their lemonade has been voted ‘The Best Lemonade in NYC’ 3 times by the New York Times...I’d order a large. Also get the Lexington Butter Burger (trust me- you won’t regret it). And if you have room for dessert, they have homemade ice cream...just saying.

What to know: This has been an old fashioned soda counter since the 1920s and is the oldest family-run luncheonette in New York City. They are also going takeout and delivery!

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