Vol. 15 — June 12, 2020


This week we’re sharing great causes to support, Brooklyn park & takeout pairings, and are introducing you to a new cool friend: designer Hassan Rahim.



In the last few months hereg have been so many creative ideas of how to help each other. One of our favorites, This T-Shirt just dropped their most recent launch benefiting the Emergency Release Fund. If you’re in the market for a well-designed shirt that helps tackle some core issues of systemic racism, get one here.


Recently there has been an immense amount of positive and important resources shared. Vanessa Newman, Head of Brand design for Ethel’s Club and organizer of Design to Divest has a great resource for too many resources on instagram. Check it out here.


If you’ve been trying to find ways to help your favorite restaurants in NYC during the COVID-19 crisis, but don’t know where to start, check out Save NYC Eats!! They are a platform made for local restaurants, chefs,  bars, and the people who love them. They are making it easier for us to help bring revenue to our beloved restaurants and bars by offering special experiences, offers, or incentives at our favorite bars and restaurants and giving them immediate revenue without any fees or commission.


We’ve put together a list pairing our favorite parks in Brooklyn with takeout nearby. Check it out here.


Hassan Rahim

Meet Hassan, a graphic designer originally from LA, now based in NYC. Hassan is the design brain behind Total Luxury Spa, Shabazz projects, and tons of commercial work.

What led you to your career as a designer?

Downloading a cracked version of photoshop for free on Limewire.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

Everyone helps each other, there’s enough work to go around and it’s not as competitive as a smaller city with less clients.

Congrats on raising over 100k for black businesses and organizations! What are some organizations that our readers should be supporting? 

The world stage, the umoja center, and summaeverythang.

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