Vol. 25 — August 21, 2020


This week we’re sharing a new way to support small businesses in NYC, highlighting our favorite local home stores, and introducing you to a cool new friend: Zipeng Zhu.



As much as NYC is suffering, Chinatown has been far and away one of the hardest hit neighborhoods by the pandemic. Pearl River Mart recently launched a collection to benefit small businesses in Chinatown and it’s full of fantastic merch! We’re loving the Hop Kee coffee mug and the Welcome to Chinatown tee. We recommend pairing your purchase with an order of Chinese sausage fried rice & char siu from Great NY Noodletown (we’re going tonight).


Last week we announced the release of our newest Zine, “I am One in a Million” benefitting ROAR.NY — and it’s still available!! Get your copy here, all $12 of your purchase will go directly back to ROAR and into the pockets of unemployed restaurant workers in New York.


We’ve been following Lucas Sin’s Distance Dining series on instagram (and loving it when he drops screenshots of his recipes from the notes app). The young chef, who formally heads up Junzi Kitchen has a new, amazing profile in the New York Times. Read along for an article that touches on learning through food, and how Lucas tries to achieve a confluence of flavor from across the world.


We recently moved to a new place, and tried to shop local artists and vintage stores (virtually!) as much as we could. Head to our site for a new Best Of, where we highlight our 10 favorite local NYC businesses to buy homegoods. Check out our picks here.


Zipeng Zhu

Meet Zipeng, a New York based designer whose work is 100% fabulous. Through his design practice, Dazzle Studio, Zipeng creates colorful and captivating works across mediums. You may have even seen some of his motion design work on the big screen in Times Square.

How did your career as an artist begin?

When I was a teen, all I wanted to be was a manga (Japanese comic) artist. Unfortunately, after years of practicing I realised I had absolutely no talent in drawing. But that left me with a huge amount of Photoshop knowledge, so I started to make posters and got absolutely hooked. At that time I was a biochem student and was set to study that at college. One day my art teacher asked me if I had ever considered graphic design as a major. The second I learned that I could make a living by making posters, the rest became history.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

How welcoming & friendly everyone is, I'm so glad to be in a city where creativity is being embraced and celebrated.

What's inspiring you right now?

Cooking, Doja Cat & Golden Girls!

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