Vol. 28 — September 11, 2020


This week we’re sharing virtual events to join, highlighting our top natural wine shops in NYC, and encouraging you to use up the last bits of peak summer-time veg in some of our favorite recipes.



We’ve all been affected differently by the pandemic, but a shared impact is certainly our relationship to food. A great read this week from the New York Times breaks down seven significant trend shifts in the food world this year.

JOIN (virtually)

NYC based Malai Ice Cream is hosting a virtual event alongside 7 special guests to make an epic ice-cream sundae. All ticket sales will benefit ROAR NY (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants). Some of the guests include food editor Sohla El-Waylly and co-founder & CEO of Great Jones Sierra Tishgart. Get tickets to the virtual event happening Sunday here!

P.S. Another way to support ROAR is to purchase our illustrated zine created in collaboration with ROAR. 100% of the proceeds goes to  putting money directly into the pockets of unemployed restaurant workers who lost their job due to the pandemic.


One of our favorite graphic designers to follow on Instagram, Brooklyn based subliming.jpg just released a guided journal in collaboration with creativity and productivity expert (also Brooklyn based) Kara Cutruzzula. It’s filled with well-designed graphics and thought provoking prompts and encourages you to Do It For Yourself.


Here’s what we’re cooking this week to savor the last bits of summer-time-prime veggies. Yes, they are all recipes from nytimes cooking. Yes, you should subscribe because you will find all of your favorite meals here.

For your summer-time peaches: whip up this Tomato and Peach Salad With Whipped Goat Cheese.

For your in-season tomatoes: make this Caprese Antipasto salad with Prosciutto or some Tomato-Marinated Greens and Beans Toast.

For your peak sweet corn: blend it into this Chilled Corn Soup With Basil or bake it into this Sweet Corn and Ricotta Sformato.


This week we’re sharing the best places in NYC to get a great bottle of natural wine. What is and isn’t “natural” is a conversation for a different time. We think you should just stop by one of these places and give it a try for yourself. Read our picks and see what bottles we enjoyed the most here.


In some ways it feels strange to put out an upbeat and positive New York-centric newsletter on the anniversary of 9/11, but at the same time New York will always move forward. Just like New Yorkers looked out for each other in the aftermath of 9/11, we’ll help each other get back on to our feet after the pandemic.


Late summer blooms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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