Vol. 31 — October 2, 2020


This week we’re highlighting a new NYC based design company, sharing our favorite farmer’s markets in the city, and introducing you to a cool new friend: Mari Andrew.



We’re always on the lookout for new products — ideally useful, colorful, and thoughtfully designed. Tanni Xu’s straphanger, the first product from newly launched RARO checks all the boxes. The perfect anti-germ subway companion, the straphanger gives you your own personal handle on the train...it’s also great if you’re like us and can barely reach the handles in the first place.


Field & Supply Fall Market / Virtual Fair
What: A virtual fair weekend of live broadcasts, new product announcements, special offers, and local artisan studio tours.
When: Thursday, October 8th-Sunday October 11th
Where: (Virtual) Kingston, NY


What Anna B. wants to wear this week: plaid edition


If you follow along with us you probably know that we are absolute suckers for a good farmers market . . . specifically the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket. Sure some say that Summer might be the best time to shop at the market, but Autumn is where you’ll find the best squash! And it’s waaaay less sweaty. Here are our favorites across the city...


Meet Mari, a NYC based writer, speaker, and artist. Her illustrated sentiments about New York and life are relatable, charming, and will stick with you long after you read them.

How did your career as a writer & artist begin?

Probably in the most twisty, turny, unexpected way possible. In no universe did I ever think or expect I could become an artist, but it was always my wildest dream to become a writer. I got rejected from every type of writing I tried: fashion writing, music reviews, personal essays, a book about finding your style--you name it, I was rejected. So at one point I got sick of "putting myself out there" and just started posting my work on Instagram (which can't reject you!).

My audience somehow grew magically and organically over a couple years and now I get to write and illustrate books, which is what I've always really wanted to do. My career is constantly evolving and I still feel like I'm in the very early stages, completely unaware of what it might look like in the next couple years. Open to surprises!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I don't know a lot about the New York creative community because I got my start in Baltimore and DC, both of which were wonderfully supportive and small nests to grow in before I moved here. I'm grateful that I started doing creative work in smaller cities because it was easier to make connections and feel encouraged at every turn, especially before moving to New York--which is overwhelming in the best way.

Now that I've lived here for three years, a lot of my friends are artists in some way or another--many in theatre or fashion, and I so admire and appreciate how ambitious they are. I'm not a particularly ambitious person so it's exciting for me to be around people who want to do such giant things in their lives. It's been awe-inspiring to watch a lot of them quickly pivot their work during the pandemic and still dream big dreams even when so much of their work is limited. I love that energy and I think that a powerful collective drive is quite unique to NYC.

What's inspiring you right now?

People who are focused on the greater good are really inspiring me right now. It's a stressful time no matter your industry--I don't know anyone who hasn't taken a huge financial hit in the past couple months and had to really change the way they do their work. So the fact that so many people are still finding energy and motivation to help others in some way--whether it's getting out the vote or providing free workshops or volunteering or protesting--is incredible. It's really opening my mind to what might be possible in the next few years, and that spirit keeps me going through my less hopeful periods.

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Order Mari’s new book: “My Inner Skyhere!


Coppelia Diner
Chelsea, Manhattan
Our Rating: 3 of 5
When to Go: In non-covid times, this spot was 24/7 which made it pretty amazing, I mean only in New York could you get a fantastic media noche at like 3am. Their hours are limited for the time being, but they have a bit of outdoor seating and as always, amazing Cuban food and classic diner dishes.
What to order: Cuban Sandwich! With fries!

Fresh Farmer’s Market Gladiolus in Park Slope, Brooklyn

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